Thoughts in the last night of the year – 2014

It’s the last hour of the year…

A year is coming to an end soon, and a new year is about to come. It’s been such a memorable year with full of memories and experiences. Time flies and when we look back, nothing else but memories. On such a wonderful occasion, let’s go back and see what we’ve done and haven’t finished of the last year.

This year I’m doing something different, I don’t go out to see firework or count down to the new year with the crowd at some huge and light square. Well, in some way, staying at home, watching news, music and festival on live can bring you more happiness than you can imagine. I have a perfect silent space to take a small note for what I’ve been through and want to do for the new year to come. Recover a bit with my significant events.

First thing, I’ve found a place where I can not only work but also have fun and make great friends. For the first time after leaving university, I am fond of what I’m doing. Changing the working environment gave me fresh feelings and it’s a good way to get everything re-started once again.

I’ve been traveled a lot this year. Vung Tau, Da Lat and well, around HCM City with some of my best friends and colleagues. Traveling is my best choice to relax and re-charge 🙂

A few hours before year-end, I’ve received a good news, which can make me scream out like crazy. It’s the first time I dare to do some thing really really big and also achieve something happier that much, so fancy, so crazy. But I know, it’s just a small step to the bigger wall I have to climb through.

And a new year is coming…

We always hope that next year will be different than last year, will be better. More chances, more challenges. I just want to have another meaningful year without wasting any moments regretting things I haven’t done. Always try, always learn and enjoy even the little thing. When a year is over, when looking back, I feel more mature, more certain about what to do, what to give and what I can have.

And finally, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! to me and to everyone. Hope that a miracle can make my dream turn into reality next year.