Facts…for fun

Some facts about me, some of them you may already know, some you don’t. Anyway, you can know me better

1. I love acoustic music, I can listen to one favorite playlist the whole day if you let me.

2. My nickname is Kitkat, just because I like to eat kitkat (a kind of chocolate cake).

3. When I was in high school, my friends called me “vuon” (like a monkey). Never ask me why, and I don’t really want to remember why, haha

4. When seeing some girls who look so nice with fluffy straight hair, I wanna rush to them and ask how can they have that. I love to have one, but actually, my hair is almost curly all the time. The hair designer says curly hair fits me better.

5. Dress is my favorite, but jeans and t-shirt are my daily clothing :))

6. I love dogs, especially little cute ones. I will get one as soon as I buy my own house.

7. One of my biggest dream is to travel around Europe and to take a lot of wonderful pictures, of precious moments we can never forget.


Maybe there are some more things I haven’t discovered yet, or you may know while I don’t, or… I’d better keep them for myself, “a secret make a woman, woman”.

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  1. Kattie says:

    Hello girl, thanks for the sharing 🙂


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