Steps to start a new blog

Wow, finally I finishing to re-new my website. It’s not too difficult to get yourself started, believe me. The most important thing is to find which place is the best for you to start.

1. Know your needs

The first thing, of course, is to identify what you really want for your sites. Take some time to think carefully what you’re going to do with your site is important, believe me, it’s worth that. A clear plan can help you choose suitable place to begin your blog, also can help finding a proper template that you can start with.

2. Find you a “home”

You need a place to start hosting your website. If it’s just for personal purpose like sharing thoughts and experiences, many free platform can do the tricks, or even give you more than you need. I’ve tried using some web hosting services that provide free hosting plan and a lot of available free templates for your new blog. I can list here with 3 most popular sites, according to most reviews. If you intent to use your own domain, you should consider some upgrade plan that the hosting page provides, be aware that sometimes you can’t have it all in one.


Tumblr is considered to be the most popular blog community now. It provides a huge way you can start your blog, and a huge community to share your ideas and learn from others. You may not need to struggle with any problems without help.

However, Tumblr lets you modify your template by writing Html, which is so cool. If you are familiar with Html code, it’s an interesting way to configure you website the way you want, but if you are not and really crazy with code, this may not be a good choice. That’s also the reason why I didn’t choose Tumblr. I want to have a simple and easy way that can make it faster but still effective to give my blog a style I want, and of course I have to accept that it depends on the templates they provide.

Tumblr provides a very limited number of free templates, so you may not have lots of choice if you don’t have an intention to create one. But the coolest things is that you can make your own template from scratch. You can find the instructions here.

One other advantage is that you can easily use a custom domain for your blog, price is about $10-$40/year. More information here.


Wix is my 2nd recommended blogs. The biggest advantage is that it provides lots of beautiful and professional templates and a very easy way to configure. You can make a personal blog, or a business website or even an online store to sell things with it’s free template, that’s so cool, right??? This is what I love most.

But, coming along with these advantages are big disadvantages, too. What I found most annoyed is the ads on our blog. These ads cover with a scrolling footer, which is always on top of other contents of your blog. Also, the price to upgrade to a premium plan, which allows you to use your custom domain and ads removed, is a bit high. About $4-$8/month. More information here.


And finally, here we are now. WordPress has a really big community, which means you can easily find information on how to build your blog. It provides a large number of free and wonderful templates, and they are all configured without struggles :). You can both write posts or create gallery, if you like photography, this is certainly what you will need, right?

Moreover, you can use your own domain name with about $13/year, that’s an acceptable rate. WordPress also provides combo package, where you can get some advantages together at suitable price.

3. So,….

There are also many other free blogs that you can find out more:,… I found a very useful review about the 10 best free blogs, check it out if you need more information 🙂

The ideas here are just what I feel after trying some blogs, if there’s anything you know more, you can share with me by leaving comments below. We are here to share 🙂

Hope that you can get your useful information and have good time having new blog. Cheers!!!